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In love; amour m x. That rooster is in love. One day she saw ayoung man go into the house next door to hers md she fell in love with him. FO T2l 2. Intimate; intime. He had said to one of his neighbors whom they caued Mr. Lover, boyfriend; petit ami, copain, amoureux.

Li gen. She has boyfriends. FO T2 2. Lover, girlfriend; petite amie, amoureuse, copine. That's your lover, you love her. Lover, girlfriend; petite amie, amoureuse, copme.

Clever John had noticed that when the gentleman was with his lady friend, there was no bun in the meadow. FO T2 amson n. Mo met mo mpa an l lanmsan - la e voye l dan dolo. This fam ily hved in New Orleans for twenty years. When I was thirty-two I had my tonsils out. We buy a car every year. An grengnen. In the attic. They put him on Tv once.


We have to leave Sunday to be there on Monday, in the morning. I'm talking on the phone with my cousin. If you turn a chair on one l eg inside your house that brings you bad luck. He stuck a knife into the chicken. MO 60 ; Li hele on mwa. She shouted at me. Like, as; comme, en. Behind us was a man dressed as a lame devil. T40 4.

Made of, of; en. En mezon on bwa. A wooden house. Iron posts. T40 ; Fmm, with, off of; avec, de. Ne efejiji an zoranj - ye. We're making juice from the oranges. We got off the bus. By, in; en, par. It i s with that by drinking that that I leamed t o drink. Charlotte was happy.

I left him almost crying. T37 7. Into; en. He cut the snake in two. He split the bread into t hree pieces. FO T Down; en bas, vers le bas. Li gen kouri mba. She has to go down. PC ; Ti chmm d kanpangn ' te me pa de simon anba.


Little country mads, they don't put cement down on those. There is something leaking down in the refhgerator. Under, underneath, below; en bas. Downstairs; en bas. We w m t downstairs. Under, underneath, below; sous, a u - dessous de. En kalson se sa ton me anba ton lenj. Underpants are what you wear underneath your clothes. Pu t your tooth under the piuow. Down; en bas de. I think he dislocated his leg down the bank some way or amther. Monmon a Pol ape toujou fe de zonbara. Paul's mo t her is always making a mess or interfehng in his life.

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So one day Clever John went to Brer Rabbi t 's to ask him for some advice, and he told him how he was in quite a fix. L a vini parle e mon ' lipe e di mon arym pase lanmbam , H pe e di mon verite. To cause trouble, make trouble; faire des histoires, faires des embarras.

To ap mmm lanbara. Tojis apefe traka. Lie; mensonge. PC anbarase v. Ye anbarase. They feel embarrassed. I was embar- raSsed because I wasn't dressed nice to eat at the restaurmt. M ap ote H. That mg is bothering me. I'm going to r m ove it.

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To bwa sa osi souvon ke rim la onbaras twa. A reed is a- It gets in your way, it's got everything blocked off. PC anbarke v. To embark, boml; embarquer. Mo anbarke kan m ape monte andan tmobil. I boad when l'm getting in the car. They got on the boat, Baphste and his wife and their two kids, headed for the city New Orlems on a F m nch boat. These are weeds. But that's no good, boudin blanc, I didn't bother with that. To mess around, waste one's time; perdre son temps.