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Once upon a time, in another dimension…there was a kingdom called Linphea. A king and his queen ruled this great kingdom. They ruled with kindness and love. Even though their kingdom meant everything to them.

They did have something missing…a child. They tried for many years and they were about to give up hope when the queen found out she was with child.

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A few months later the queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named the girl Flora. To celebrate Flora's birth the entire kingdom had a festival. Royalty and Nobles from all around came to see the child. But not everyone was happy about the newbord princess. Three witches who were planning on over throwing the king now had a new problem. They had to get rid of the princess to continue with their plans. Everyone was in the throne room waiting to get a look at the future queen of Linphea. The king and queen of the neighboring kingdom, Nightly, were old friends of the royal couple.

They were the first in line to see Princess Flora. John Flanagan. Allan Ahlberg. Julia Donaldson. Raina Telgemeier. Patrice Karst. David Walliams. Cassandra Clare. Andy Griffiths. Mark Pett. T Tui Sutherland. Herve Tullet.

Dav Pilkey. Rick Riordan. Jostein Gaarder. Philip Pullman. Eric Carle. Andrea Beaty. Jeff Kinney.


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Andy Mulligan. Dr Seuss. Chris Colfer. M Ann Martin. Jill Murphy. Jo Witek. Rachel Renee Russell. Benjamin Alire Saenz. Jennifer Liberts. Giles Andreae. Jennifer Niven. Michelle Harrison. Jerry Smath. Dan Thompson.

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Teresa Medeiros. Michelle Zink. Lavinia Bakker. Cassandra Skrabut. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. I think it's more realistic than your classic fairy tale. The King and Queen are more present in this story. Oswald who is nicknamed "Prince Charming" is also more involved in this tale. It does make it slightly more interesting as you don't see many of these characters in the original fairy tale so it adds another dimension to it.

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I wasn't really too interested in any of these characters despite their new presence into the story. Aurore is somewhat of a spoiled brat, a moody one too. As we are all familiar with the story there really is no need for character development, and there isn't any. These characters are two dimensional and flat.

Sad to say, despite this being my favorite fairy tale, I wasn't really into this book. I couldn't really get into the plot which was a little dull and not that exciting to begin with. There were a few parts in the book that caught my attention but then it instantly goes back to being flat in a second. The plot was rather dry and although there is an "evil witch", the final battle I'd say the only good thing I actually liked out of this is the increased presence of other secondary characters.

Otherwise I wish I could have liked it more but I just couldn't get into the story. It didn't get my attention and the characters aren't really that great. The ending was very different and it provides a different twist but it wasn't enough to really get me to really like the book. Thankfully the book is less than pages so it wasn't a painful read, although I'm sure it could have been better. I probably will pick up her next few novels just because I want to see the different twists she puts on the fairy tales. Although if they aren't better than this one, then perhaps I wouldn't go further.

However I'm stubborn and I do believe in second chances, unless it's something I really can't stand.

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Overall, tolerable, and interesting few twists on the fairy tale. However it falls short on plot and characters. It could have been so much better. Guest More than 1 year ago I agree with Lisa. The point of these stories is to give insight and personality to the heroine that lacks depth in the original stories. This book does just that for 'sleeping beauty'.

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It was fairly common in that time for her to end up with prince charming, and i dont think the book should be ostracized just because of that. I really enjoyed reading it. Might be one of my favorites for this genre. Anonymous More than 1 year ago The plot was very interesting, and I was so happy that she married her cousin. He was better than the other prince.

It was a very good story. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I've read pretty much every book in the Once Upon a Times Series, and I have to say, this one is my favorite.