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Charles Vane, on the other hand, has no such dilemma — he is and always will be a pirate. His quartermaster, Calico Jack Rackham, discovers her sex and contrives to obtain the treasure map. When Edward learns Arleigh has fled, he agrees to go after her because Ben is really Henry Avery, a retired pirate who amassed a fortune. Guilt for pushing Arleigh to run away pushes Rev. Dominique wants the intruders gone, but when Arleigh ends up on the island as well, a volatile mixture brews. Dominique loves Yam, but he only has eyes for Arleigh. Edward wants the treasure and return Arleigh to her father.

Their paths to success, however, are fraught with the unexpected, including a dangerous encounter with Blackbeard. Pirates abound, and the imaginary situations that bring those from history together are realistically portrayed. The true heroine is Dominique, and the melding of her isolation with the world beyond provides the true adventure and romance of the story. Arleigh slowly matures into a more likeable woman once these two women join together to rescue those they love, and it is only in doing so that Arleigh learns the true meaning of friendship and love.

In his possession is a chest of scrolls. But these are not ordinary scrolls — they contain information that could devastate Emperor Claudius and the Roman Empire. When the pirate captain, Telemachus, realizes their worth, he demands a high ransom for their release. Implicated in the death of a fellow Centurion, Macro and Cato are in Rome awaiting the outcome of the investigation. Narcissus, the imperial secretary, offers them a way out of their troubles: Retrieve the scrolls and his agent if possible.

To complicate their mission, they must appear to be part of the force assigned to wipe out the pirates.

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Vitellius plans to establish a temporary base closer to where the pirates operate, but the fleet is attacked at sea. Ships are lost and many Romans die. Then Cato discovers that Vitellius is intent on betraying him and Macro before they complete their mission. Will the two centurions recover the scrolls and live to fight again? His depiction of the hunt for the pirates and the battle scenes subtly ensnare until the reader hears the clang of swords and feels the spatter of blood.

They are as fully developed as his Roman characters, and combined with the action and his attention to detail, he brings alive a time long past. Visit Simon Scarrow. Feeding the Dragon. Feeding the Dragon by S. The goal is to fund a revolutionary coup in the Philippine Islands and establish a satellite from which Communist China can rule the trade routes, including the busy Malacca Straits and South China Sea. While some attacks take place in territorial waters, as is true of most piracy today, others occur in international water.

When word of an impending pirate attack reaches him, Wright requests help from the navy.

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John Wilson, the new captain of the USS Chancellorsville , and his crew interrupt their Christmas holidays to track down the pirates. But a traitor within SEAPAC and the Philippine revolution spell trouble for world stability, unless Wilson and the Japanese can thwart the pirates and prevent China from bringing their plans to fruition. This fast-paced thriller closely mirrors the fears and realities of modern-day maritime piracy. Smith weaves complicated subplots together to create a novel that tells a good story laced with well-researched facts.

His host of characters displays good and bad traits just as people do. Peter Blood, a peaceable surgeon who goes to the aid of a wounded rebel, finds himself on trial for treason against the English king. This incursion into the profits of the two doctors already on the island causes them to abet Blood in his attempt to escape the island. A Spanish raid interrupts their plans, but ever resourceful, Blood and his mates turn the tide on this new enemy — rescuing the town while capturing a better ship to begin their lives as pirates.

In quick order Blood establishes a reputation among the brotherhood, but a partnership with another equally infamous pirate turns to deception and death. Twice he rescues damsels in distress, but the second one — Arabella — spurns his love because he is a pirate.

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He eventually accepts that fate has dealt him a hand he never expected, nor wanted, but the ouster of the Royal House of Stuart and war between England and France might just change his mind. This Colonial Radio Theatre production is true to the original book, so listening to them dramatize the novel was like visiting an old friend. Sound effects make the action real, while the actors bring the characters to life, enhancing this historical romantic adventure that is the epitome of a swashbuckling tale. The price is steep, but well worth the investment.

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Run Afoul by Joan Druett St. Soon after their arrival in late , Assistant Astronomer Grimes takes ill. At their last stop, one of the men is killed and Captain Coffin is arrested. Run Afoul is a subtle mystery, rather than one where you figure out who-done-it halfway through the story. Secrets abound and the reader is never quite certain the characters are as honest as they seem. Druett deftly weaves her knowledge of shipboard life and Maori customs into a scientific expedition while depicting the world of 19th-century society in Brazil and the American navy.

Visit Joan Druett. The Pirate recounts the story of twins separated at a young age during a storm at sea. Neither knows the other lives, but one is raised in a comfortable lifestyle in England to become an officer in the Royal Navy. Fate intervenes to draw these two young men together and there in lies the adventure, romance, revelations, and mutiny — all on the high seas.

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The Three Cutters is a short novella that follows the paths of three vessels on an intersect course. The second vessel belongs to smugglers. The revenue cutter patrols English waters in search of the smugglers. One tries to outrun the other, only to have the third interfere. But who wins the day? This does not, however, detract from the intrigue and exploits of what were then pioneering novels that recounted tales at sea. The reader may surmise certain elements of the story prior to the author revealing them, but there are tidbits that remain elusive until the author wants the reader to know the truth.

The stories flow much like the ebb and flow of the tide, and that pacing soon draws the reader into the story. A welcome reintroduction to Captain Marryat, who wove his knowledge and experience of a life at sea into rousing escapades. Pirate's Prize. Having spent the past few years living with her grandparents in Spain, Angelina de la Fuente Delgado is eager to return home to Florida to see her father.

French pirates attack her ship, however, and she finds herself at the mercy of their captain, Etienne Badeau, who wants to make her his bride. Badeau imprisons Angelina in his home in the far reaches of Louisiana, where he attempts to woo her. Angelina does whatever she can to protect herself and her aunt, but wonders if it will be enough.

He secretly loves her, but she is too much a lady for the likes of him. Racked with guilt, Brian pleads with God to give him a second chance and let him save Angelina. As translator for the pirate, Brian has daily contact with Angelina, and as he waits for the opportune moment to put his rescue plan into effect, their friendship blossoms. He only hopes that one day she will forgive him.

Contrary to the normal pirate romance, Lena Nelson Dooley portrays pirates as they truly were rather than as romantic heroes. Instead, she chooses a hardworking man who believes in God to assume that role, and she accomplishes this with adeptness. Brian has his failings, but never loses his faith and even if he might never marry the woman he loves, he intends to save her from the peril they face.