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When you are a broke student at a very prestigious private college, you are understandably looking for ways to earn some extra money. So, when Tara Malone and her dorm roommate, Delia Ortiz, saw an advertisement for jobs as Personal Companions to a very wealthy man during their Spring Break week, they were interested. Two Wildcats and a Bubble Butt.

Ian Smith. Leah Brownstone is a fiercely independent, determined, brave young woman, just the sort of woman that Tom Jefferson delights in taming. Torment Afloat Book 2. Ted Edwards. Clair's ordeal continues; not yet broken and fighting all the way with both physical and mental reserves. But she's also a very smart girl; can she develop strategy that can thwart her prime tormenter, Algar?

She isn't the only on on board the 'Messalina' with problems, though; they can come to anyone, especially when they try new experiences The lawyer-turned-ponygirl saga from Diana Philbrick. Reins Of Terror.

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Diana Philbrick. Tara's latest trouble is a sordid love affair in which she is portrayed as a heartless home-wrecker. Consensual sex and bondage are now legal and somehow the idea of hiding out as a CELT seems attractive. She has always been fascinated by submission.

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Fantasies of a Bondage Writer. Declan Brand.

God, what pap! Still, it seems to be what the readers want.

He ran a quick spell check then sent the finished story to his publisher. Dale Arden was something really special. He grinned. Especially when Jean Rogers played her in that white harem outfit. Katy, caged and transported, finds herself in the Puppy-girl compound. A Submissive: Lost Part 5. Caught up in a huge slave trading business, the trio from London are put through their paces by the mainly black crew. Each student is dealing with their captivity differently.

Cassie, to avoid being confined in a cage and auctioned off during the voyage, accepts her thrall status and a place in the entertainment team. James's New Student. Meredith knew she was dull and boring, but she was a studious girl and told herself she had gone to college to learn not party. Then her English professor, Ms. James took an interest, taking her to lunch and lectures, and finally seducing the wide-eyed girl. James is everything Meredith isn't; stern, disciplined, self-confident, and sophisticated.

This is one deep, dark, hard-spanking #3 Erotica Bdsm Audiobook P2

And she sets about introducing her to power games, to submission and domination, to bondage and the breathless, outrageous sense of heat and passion giving up all control and inhibitions can create. Nor does she do it alone. Linda Under Control.

Books by Danielle Delaney (Author of Diamond of Colombia (The Billionaire's 50 Jewels 1))

Martin Hughes. Britain is no longer a democracy but a tyranny! Linda and her husband John are arrested and sent into one of the dreaded detention camps. Joined by many other hapless souls, the two learn soon that resistance is futile and submission essential if they want to survive.

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They must endure countless terrible moments and brutal degradation by the guards. But then, suddenly, things take an unexpected course for the two. Linda stared bleakly ahead as the brute used a remote control to turn off the CCTV and stood before her unzipping himself. Torment Afloat Book 1. Clare was a stunning blonde who worked as a boat Pilot.

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That was until she had the job of piloting a strange boat to its berth in port. Everything was going well until she was offered refreshment, which she refused. Moments later her head was spinning and she fell to the ground and as she opened her mouth to scream, the pungent aroma filled her lungs. When she came round she was a prisoner, bound for suffering and training as a sex slave by the redoubtable Eva Ariosi - and that was just the beginning of Clare's torment afloat. Rosemary's Martyrdom. Peaches Monroe 2: Starlight. Mimi Strong.

The Sweet Taste of Sin. Ember Casey. Breathe Me In. Cherrie Lynn. Sizzling Florida Heat. Desiree Holt. Cover of Darkness. Kaylea Cross. Michelle Hughes. Ivan's Captive Submissive. Ann Mayburn. Clarissa Wild. His Stolen Bride. Shayla Black. Merry Menage Kisses Boxed Set. The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 1. Leah Brooke. Private Property.

Leah Braemel. Italian Affair. Kelly Jamieson. A Touch of Menage. Falling Softly. Brides of Bachelor Bay Collection. Sofia Hunt. Maya Cross. - Google Документи

Elizabeth SaFleur. Dirty Billionaire. Meghan March. The Muse Wore curves. Peaches Monroe 3: Starfire. Torn Between. Barracuda's Heart.

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Reward of Three. Professional Sin. Cleo Peitsche. Marliss Melton. The Drake Series Complete Collection. This 27, word bundle contains the following three titles by Juliette Jaye: Bought for the Billionaire Bought for the Billionaire 2 Bought for the Billionaire 3. Words: 10, Published: December 27, Olivia Moray barely realizes eleven months have gone past in her one year agreement to belong to Daniel Lock. In the midst of a major product launch, Olivia and Daniel find themselves closer than ever. When her contract is finally up, will Olivia move on with her life, never to see Daniel Lock again, or will fate have other ideas?

Words: 9, Published: December 4, For over a month now Olivia has been owned by Daniel Lock, the dominating billionaire she sold her life away to in exchange for a huge sum of money at the end of the year.

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But when a business meeting takes Olivia and Daniel to Hong Kong and an unexpected event drives them closer together, Olivia thinks her feelings are being reciprocated. But is it for real? Published: November 30, After a string of bad luck has left Olivia poorer than ever, she sneaks into a charity dinner. But when a man catches on to her ruse and confronts her, he offers Olivia something she can't refuse: half a million dollars, in exchange for her complete obedience to Daniel Lock, the handsome billionaire dubbed America's most eligible bachelor.