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I just got one of these. No major problems so far. One time I had to turn it off and then on, when it wouldn't connect to my Samsung Series 3 Chromebox, after coming out of sleep mode.

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So, no real help on this problem other than forgetting about Bluetooth and using a wireless mouse? I used my Asus C Chromebook today in a setting where I needed to leave the laptop open at a particular website.

Bluetooth mouse wont stay connected to Chromebook laptop

Whenever there was any significant delay in using the mouse, my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse would be disconnected. After waiting for a period and moving the cursor around with the trackpad, the mouse would re-connect. It was a significant issue as I was trying to help some people with medical insurance issues. In fact, it's a big enough problem that I will probably look for another solution to use in for counseling. But a bog-standard MS wireless mouse will solve the whole issue since they only go to sleep when you switch them off underneath.

Tony, You may be right about the sleep behavior of bluetooth mice and keyboards.

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  4. Not so with my Chromebook. There is a significant delay before the mouse re-connects. I always move the cursor around with the touchpad and move the mouse around as well. Don't know it that helps, but even doing that it can take seconds or so before re-connection. And I do understand the advantage of a wireless mouse; however, as the saying goes, "It's the principle! What's weird is that my logitech BT mouse wakes up in only a few seconds, and certainly nothing like 10 - 15 secs.

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    I still find it a bit irritating compared to a wireless mouse, but it doesn't bug me to the point throwing my CB out the window! Tony, it could be the Microsoft mouse. It's several years old and I know the bluetooth standard has moved on since it was built. However, it does seem to work better with any of my other devices.

    The Mouse and the Monster - Wikipedia

    I haven't wanted to throw my Chromebook out the window yet; however, I have been glad at times that I was in a room with no windows! The mouse seems to drop out every so often and it's frustrating. I"m going to try a tip on another forum to install a chromebook app that tells the laptop not to go to sleep but not sure if that will fix the issue.

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